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Happy Trails Funeral Parlor

We are here to guide those who are facing their End of Life by providing specialized services:

  •  Advance Care Planning

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Vigil Planning & Support

  • Family Driven Before & After Death Care

  • Living Wakes 

  • Home Funerals

  • Natural Burial 

  • Full Body Sea Burial 

  • Fire or Water Cremation 

  • Human Composting


Founded in 2018. Originally called DIY DYING. Happy Trails moved to the High Desert in 2022. We are proud to serve Apple Valley and the surrounding High Desert Communities. We understand the importance of high standards. Especially, in delicate moments such as losing a loved one. We offer personalized one on one assistance with comfort, peace and kindness. While planning and facilitating final disposition arrangements, either from the comfort of your own home or at our convenient location at the historic Apple Valley Inn. 

From our unique vision to our strong heritage, Happy Trails Funeral Parlor was designed to support the grieving and those who are facing their End of Life challenges. We help with making final arrangements and planning out "family-driven" services. We guide families and the dying through creating meaningful rituals and an environment for a dignified and peaceful dying process. Allowing for a comfortable gathering space for families and friends. 


We bring an open heart, a wealth of knowledge, experience as well as professional and compassionate guidance throughout the entire process. 


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